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Delta Caucus Commends Gov. Asa Hutchinson's Public Service and Courage to Oppose Trump, Support the Rule of Law

Posted on January 18, 2024 at 02:12 PM

“Delta Caucus Commends Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s Public Service and Courage to Oppose Trump”

Jan. 18, 2024 CONTACT: Lee Powell, Caucus Director (202) 360-6347

The Delta Grassroots Caucus praises Gov. Asa Hutchinson for his courageous efforts to oppose Donald Trump’s threat to the rule of law.

The Democratic National Committee’s snide comments about Gov. Hutchinson only weaken the effort of all thoughtful, reasonable people to stand for democracy.

Gov. Hutchinson made stalwart efforts to run a moderate Republican campaign opposing Trump’s encouragement of insurrection on Jan. 6.

Delta Caucus partners have known Asa for literally decades. Delta Caucus Director Lee Powell was a federal court law clerk for US District Judge Bill Wilson when Asa practiced in that court, and he was notable for upholding the finest standards in pursuit of representing his clients and promoting justice.

We also knew him as Governor of Arkansas, Presidential candidate and other capacities, and he has always demonstrated the highest standards of integrity and public service.

We regret that Gov. Hutchinson received very few votes in the Iowa caucuses and decided to suspend his campaign, but that does nothing to diminish his courageous efforts to stand up for the rule of law, even when it wasn’t popular among many Republicans.

Gov. Hutchinson has spoken many times over the years to Delta Caucus conferences and always demonstrated strong support for the community and economic progress for the eastern Arkansas Delta, the Delta Regional Authority, and the 8-state Greater Delta Region as a whole. He deserves tremendous respect, and not the partisan, snarky comments from the DNC that they “didn’t know he was still running.”

The Delta Caucus is nonpartisan and opposes all efforts from people of whatever party or political persuasion that encourage extremism and undermine the rule of law.