The Delta Grassroots Caucus (DGC) is a broad coalition of grassroots leaders in the eight-state Delta region. DGC is also a founding partner of the Economic Equality Caucus,
which advocates for economic equality across the USA.

Please Send in Annual $25 Dues for the Year 2013--Only a few weeks left in 2013

Posted on November 20, 2013 at 04:52 PM

Please mail in the minimum $25 annual membership dues (or for larger organizations or those who would just like to contribute a somewhat larger amount, the optional higher levels of $50 or $100) for calendar year 2013 now.

There are only several weeks left in the year and dues are an essential part of our budget.

We have the issue that some Delta Caucus partners pay their annual dues at $25 or in some cases more, but many more do not. If you are supportive of our organization’s activities and want to receive the group email messages, take part in Delta Caucus activities in the region and in Washington, DC, help advocate for the region’s economic development, please send in your dues.

Many of our partners contribute when there is a major event coming up, but we work 365 days a year and have to have some source of funding that is not related to the major conferences. That is why we ask for at least a $25 payment once a year from all our partners-and we have so many that if everybody would do that it would be a major expansion in our resources. Unfortunately, some people are very generous and many others do not pay any dues at all.

If you are a member or would like to join, please send in the 2013 dues to the address listed below.

Even though the amount is small for each dues payment that is made only once each year, we have so many partners across eight states and the Washington, DC area that it will add up to a lot, if each partner contributes their dues.

This is for people interested in being supportive of and/or directly taking part in our year-round community and economic development advocacy for the eight-state region, conferences at the Clinton Library, Memphis, and elsewhere in the region, news conferences and releases, memoranda on Delta regional issues, website, regional Delta Caucus group email, and advocacy activities at the local, state and federal levels.

The only requirement is for $25, although suggested levels for others are as follows:

Individuals and smaller organizations: $25

Medium-sized organizations, banks, businesses, nonprofits, colleges: $50

Larger banks, corporations, foundations, larger city or county governments, larger universities and colleges: $100

Some larger organizations have given as much as $250 for membership dues, but that is strictly optional.

Please make out the check to “Delta Caucus” and mail to:

Delta Caucus

5030 Purslane Place

Waldorf, MD 20601

We don’t have much more time for the year 2013, and people tend to naturally get focused on the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, so please send in the dues soon.

We still have the issue that many partners pay their dues but many others do not. It would of course be more fair and help our budget tremendously if everyone would pay at least the $25 minimum.

We know most of our partners have limited budgets, and that is why the minimal requirement is only $25 once a year.

Thanks very much. Delta Caucus board of directors (202) 360-6347