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Help invest in the Delta's future

Posted on October 17, 2007 at 12:54 PM

We would encourage Delta Grassroots Caucus partners to participate in the Mid-South Delta Initiative’s “Take the Delta Challenge” conferences on Thursday, October 18 at the Pine Bluff Convention Center in Pine Bluff and on Friday, October 19 at the Holiday Inn & Convention Center in West Memphis. These particular meetings will be in Arkansas but the Kellogg Foundation’s Mid-South Delta Initiative is active in many areas throughout the region, and they do great work in promoting wise investments in the Delta’s future.

You have an opportunity to give input to the Kellogg Foundation as they develop plans to invest significant amounts of money over the coming years to improve Arkansas and the whole Delta region. There are critical meetings this Thursday in Pine Bluff and this Friday in West Memphis where you will have an opportunity to share your perspective on what’s needed to uplift the region.

The Kellogg Foundation is in the process of launching a renewed project for the Delta (Mid-South Delta Initiative - MSDI - They are planning to invest significant funding into the region over the next several years and they are working to attract other funders to also support the region and the efforts of community groups to improve quality of life, economic, educational and health standards, and create more possibilities for the Delta.

They created several design teams in the state (youth, grassroots, and leadership) to help develop new goals and a new strategic plan for their initiative. Those design teams are having important listening meetings this Thursday in Pine Bluff, and this Friday in West Memphis.

For more information contact Kellie Chavez Greene,, or (225) 278-4464.

Their press release is pasted below.

Take the Delta Challenge

Arkansas Design Work Group Members Host Conversations on Arkansas Delta’s Future

In an unprecedented effort to identify barriers to progress and develop solutions for the future of the Arkansas Delta, the Arkansas Design Work Groups will host conversations with grassroots community members, as well as non-profits, agencies and businesses during two “Take the Delta Challenge” conferences.

The conferences will be held on Thursday, October 18 at the Pine Bluff Convention Center in Pine Bluff and on Friday, October 19 at the Holiday Inn &Convention Center in West Memphis.

The Arkansas Design Work Groups are a consortium of 61 Arkansas residents, representing 26 Arkansas Delta counties and who range in age from 17 to 70, funded primarily by the Mid South Delta Initiative (MSDI), a W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Beginning in the fall of 2006, this delegation began working together through training and research to ultimately design a long-term strategic plan that will have a positive and sustainable impact on the Arkansas Delta.

These conferences are designed to collect information on innovative best practices, hear from consumers and collectively develop solutions for the Delta on a whole range of topics. “As a group we will identify gaps and work together to develop and document possible solutions,” Max Sprinkle, conference chairperson, commented.

He further stated, “We strive to engage people and groups who are often missing from community change efforts, and we support new approaches that challenge and change the thinking and habits of the Delta. We stand to learn a great deal and hope to build lasting alliances with the attendees that will facilitate the implementation of a long-term strategic plan to Lift Up the Delta.”

To promote this exploration of the needs in our communities, the MSDI- Arkansas Design Work Groups will facilitate roundtable discussions, on these and other topics: reducing alcohol and drug abuse; rural entrepreneurship; improving the quality of high school education; how the local foods movement is building healthy vibrant communities; strategies for addressing racism and classism in the Delta; promoting home ownership; creating good role models for youth and support systems for broken families; and how sustainable agriculture can lead to a rural renaissance. In addition to the roundtable discussions, those who are not otherwise engaged can participate in discussions about various aspects of public policy in Arkansas or share their views in a conversation about the multifaceted ‘Culture of Possibilities’ in the Delta.

The MSDI-Arkansas Design Work Groups have invited 300 Delta citizens, per venue, to participate in these conversations.

For more information on MSDI or the Design Work Groups visit .

Contact: Beau Weaver, 80-367-3189,